Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

“Tell me and I forget.

Show me and I remember.

Let me do and I understand.”

- Confucius -

This Confucius quote, dated from the 5th century before Christ, shows the standard of education that is until today undisputed the leading form of education. Teacher-centered learning has merely a learning efficiency 10% compared to 90%, if the student can hear, see, talk and act with the hole learning matter. This fact shows how important the hands-on training course with modern simulators and learning methods is. It can support the students learning process in such an effective way.

In professional life, we only achieve operational competences in tasks we frequently do. Therefore, it is important to practice the handling of rare situations, like the management of emergency situations. The training of procedures in fields of permanent development is of similar importance, especially when it comes to ethical or legal aspects for the institution or its employee. The training portfolio designed by our academy enables you to provide knowledge, skills and adequate competencies for your entire team.

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